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What is the full form of IES:

IES represents Indian Engineering Services.

It is the prearranged group-A engineering services so as to assemble the scientific function of the Government of India. similar to mainly countries, the Government of India workers its public servants and official on the source of advantage, the middle administration position in the organisation are overflowing from side to side aggressive exam such as the Civil Service Examination, Indian Forest Service exam, IES and numerous others. because great figure of candidate take these exams, challenging for incomplete post it is painstaking to exist one of the toughest exam amongst candidate (given the natural world and prototype of exam). All officer of the All India Services and previous Group-A and middle military are selected by the President of India for the union government on the recommendation complete by the Union Public Service A collective four-stage spirited exam (comprising six tests), call the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conduct by the UPSC for employment to the Indian Engineering Services.

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ESE Engineering Services Examination 2013 was conduct for the employment of candidate to as numerous as 763 post, which also include 19 vacancy obtainable single for the PH grouping.

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