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What is the full form of P.O.:

P.O. represents Probationary Officer.

The full form of Probationary Officer( PO) is the entrance stage position known to the novel workers in Indian Banks. The freshers are usually recruit in this position to serve up for guaranteed stage in experimentation; therefore the person's name PO.

In the provisional phase, a apprentice has to acquire coursework starting their senior and comprise to labour in dissimilar area of bank Definition of is an officer chosen to examine, account on, and oversee the behaviour of convict offender on audition. See probation officer distinct for English-language learner.

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A Bank PO in the bank is the preliminary stage engagement for bank officers and the promotional forecast are fairly strong by means of the labour as it important the boundary for the candidate achievement. Job outline of PO is universal Banking, management labour and any previous w Course work assign by the Bank starting time to time.

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