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What is the full form of SAT:

SAT represents Scholastic Aptitude Test.

The SAT is a harmonized test extensively use for college admissions in the United state. It be first introduce in 1926, and its given name and score contain distorted a number of period, person firstly called the SAT, after that the SAT Reasoning Test, and nowadays basically the SAT.

The SAT is own and available by the school Board, a confidential, non-profit association in the United States. It is urbanized and administer on behalf of the College Board by the enlightening difficult overhaul The test is planned to measure a student's willingness for university. It is intended to not be allied to high school prospectus.

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The current SAT, introduce in 2005, take 3 hours and 45 minutes to close, and because of 2014 expenses US$52.50 (up to US$94.50 exterior of the United States), exclusive of behind cost .potential score on the SAT variety preliminary from 600 to 2400, come together examination grades as of three 800-point part: delightful the SAT or its contestant, the ACT, is necessary for freshman admission to a lot of, but not all, university in the United States.

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