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What is the full form of TDR:

TDR represents Troubles Debt Restructuring.

TDR is an acronym for Troubled Debt Restructuring. The name itself explains the meaning of the term. It is a process which is maintained by the bank or the lending institute to minimize the loss percentage in the loan agreement made with the borrower. To explain it properly, if a bank gives a loan to a borrower, and the borrower is not in a position to repay the loan, the bank has to bear the loss. So for minimizing the loan, the bank changes and sometimes even relaxes the terms on which the loan was given. The loan agreement is modified so that the loss of the bank can be reduced. These loan term modifications are done for borrowers who are financially weak. The restructuring of the loan terms is done for the borrowers who have not made any payment till 90 days after taking the loan. Trouble Debt restructuring is done by modifying the loan where the borrower has to add some more assets (also known as collateral in banking terms) or the term of loan is changed (increasing the loan term) or accepting only the interest for a specific time period, or reducing the interest rate, or forgiving a particular principal amount or the accrued interest amount.

TDR also means Term Deposit Receipt. This is a banking term, and it is a synonym for Fixed Deposit Scheme. It is a type of savings account in which the depositor invests a particular amount of money for a fixed period of time and also receives a particular interest rate for that amount. The depositor cannot withdraw that amount for that particular time period. The rate of interest for Term Deposit Receipts is higher than the normal saving accounts.

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