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What is the full form of CD:

CD represents Compact Disc.

CD is an optical disc use to shop data counting videocassette, text, audio etc. in digital form. The information is written to the CD COMPACT DISC with an optical device recognized as CD COMPACT DISC author who can be read throughout a comparable machine known as CD COMPACT DISC Drive.

Size & Capacity
Standard CD COMPACT DISC s include a distance of 4.7 inch, 1.2 millimeters thick, through up of polycarbonate artificial and can clutch data up 700 MBs. Compact Disc are far cheaper than HDD and easy to control.

CD - Change Directory
Change listing is a Disk Operating System (DOS) order used to modify the listing (also recognized as a directory in a processor scheme).    

For ex. If you desire to come into in to the listing "Playlist" shape d: drive, the modify listing command for the same will be :


Always given that the discovery of the turntable in 1876, melody have be a admired foundation of home amusement. In recent years, the compressed disc has developed into the playback middling of picking for record music.
A compact disc, or CD, is an optical storage space average with digital data record on it. The digital data be able to be in the shape of audio, video, or computer in sequence. When the CD is played, the in sequence is read or detect by a strongly determined light foundation called a laser (thus the name optical medium). This editorial will centre on acoustic compact discs, which are use to engage in recreation back record music.
The history of the( compact disc)CD can be traced flipside to the expansion of electronic knowledge and above all digital electronic knowledge in the 1960s. Though the first application of this knowledge be not in the soundtrack area, it create mounting use in audio mechanism as the equipment evolve.

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Raw Materials
A compact disc is a dishonestly easy look device allowing for the knowledge necessary to make it. CDs consist of three layer of resources:
A bottom layer ready of a polycarbonate synthetic.
A skinny coating of aluminium varnish over the polycarbonate artificial.
The compact disc is considered severely according to the principles conventional by Sony and Philips in command to sustain universal compatibility. A CD is 4.72 inches (120 millimetres) in distance and .047 inches (1.2 millimetres) thick. The position opening in the centre is .59 of an inch (15 millimetres) in width. A CD COMPACT DISC characteristically weighs around .53 of an ounce (15 grams).

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