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What is the full form of SATA:

SATA represents Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment is a sequential boundary benchmark use to manage and transport data from group storage space strategy such as hard disk drive and optical drives. 

SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment was intended to restore older similar ATA or PATA border for concerning hard disk drives to motherboards, to enlarge system presentation and competence with large decline in enlargement expenses .

Advantages of SATA (over PATA)

  1. SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment use comprehensive and thin cable which are fewer large and delicate than the old similar ATA cables.
  2. It uses 7-pin data connector as compared to the 40-pin connector in Parallel ATA.
  3. The old PATA cables be bulkier which hunk airflow and encourage warm in the motherboard. SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment cables are easy to install and gives more space for previous cable to be install on top of the motherboard.
  4. The data haste vary in the variety 1.5 Gbps to 6.0 Gbps
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Serial ATA (SATA, condensed as of Serial AT Attachment) is  a computer bus edge that connects horde bus adapters to collection storage space devices such as hard disk drives and visual drives. Serial ATA succeed the older Parallel ATA (PATA) yardstick contribution a number of compensation over the elder boundary: compact cable amount and cost (seven conductors as a substitute of 40 or 80), native burning exchange, faster data transmit during advanced signal charge, and more competent transport through an (optional) I/O queue process.
SATA ( Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) crowd adapters and devices converse via a high-speed serial cable above two pair of conductors. In contrast, equivalent ATA use a 16-bit wide data bus through various supplementary sustain and direct signal, all functioning at a lot lesser incidence. To ensure hesitant compatibility with inheritance ATA software and application, SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) use the similar essential ATA and ATAPI demand set as inheritance ATA strategy.


Hot plug

The Serial ATA Spec includes reason for SATA device hot plugging. Devices and motherboards that meet the interoperability specification are capable of hot plugging.
SATA has replace parallel ATA in customer desktop and laptop computers, and have basically replace PATA in novel implanted application. SATA's marketplace split in the desktop PC marketplace was 99% in 2008

Cables, connectors, and port.

Connectors and cable in attendance the most observable difference flanked by SATA and parallel ATA drives. Different PATA, the similar connectors are use on 3.5-inch (89 mm) SATA hard disks (for desktop and member of staff serving at table computers) and 2.5-inch (64 mm) disks (for convenient or small computers).

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