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What is the full form of CID:

CID represents Criminal Investigation Department.

Crime Investigation Department (CID), headquartered in Pune, is a dedicated division of Indian Police force, that help in maintain edict and command in the country. The subdivision has their possess position of officer like inspector, Sub-Inspectors, superintendent, added Director Universal of Police or Special representative of Police. They frequently labour in simple clothing or some what call Mufti.

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Their everyday jobs is to examine wrong luggage, like robbery, kill, rape, mugging and other type of crime assign to them by the government of India. The analysis can distance numerous districts, city or even state depending winning the offence. Occasionally, the restricted police force of that district also get concerned in solve the case assign to(CID) Crime Investigation Department. The officer frequently adds the express officer ahead of their grade.

CB-CID is a special wing in the CID Crime Investigation Department head by the supplementary Director General of Police (ADGP) and assist by the Inspector General of Police (IGP).This bough investigates severe crime counting riot, phoney, counterfeit and luggage entrust to CB-CID by the state government or the High Court.

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