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What is the full form of JCB:

JCB represents Joseph Cyril Bamford.

Joseph Cyril Bam ford makes machinery for manufacture, agriculture, military and trade. It offer produce such as load Shovels, Compactors, Backhoe Loaders, Tracked Excavators, Pick and take winch that you would find in each angle of the earth.

In India, the business was previously recognized as Escorts JCB Limited and changed its name to JCB India imperfect in January 2003. Be a British international business, with head office in Rochester, Staffordshire, developed apparatus for building, destruction and agriculture. It is the world's third-largest manufacture apparatus producer. It produces over 300 types of machinery, counting diggers (backhoes), excavators, tractors and diesel engines. It has 22 factory crossways Asia, Europe, North America, and South America; its commodities are selling in over 150 country.

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JCB was found in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bam ford, later than which it is name; it continues to be owned by the Bam ford family. In the UK and India, JCB - Joseph Cyril Bam ford

It is frequently used colloquially as a general explanation for mechanical diggers and excavators and now appears in the Oxford English vocabulary, though it is motionless supposed as a marquee.

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