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What is the full form of CRISIL:

CRISIL represents Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited.

It is a worldwide logical company provided that ratings, research, and danger and policy optional services. CRISIL popular depositor is Standard & Poors, a partition of McGraw-Hill Financial and supplier of financial market cleverness.

Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited business can be separated into three broad categories - Ratings, Research and Advisory. (CRISIL) Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited Ratings has rated/assess over 60,000 entities in India. Its rating capability span the total range of debt instrument and it has work crossways the company strata, from large corporate in the country to the SMEs.

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Under investigate, CRISIL Global Research & Analytics serve global speculation banks and financial institution with high-end do research, risk, analytics, equity and credit research services. Its acclaim study supports 80 per cent of the global structured backing market, and over 60 per cent of the global credit market. The company's justice research covers over 90 per cent of the global trade volumes and 88 per cent of the global market capitalisation.

In India, CRISIL is an autonomous and included investigate house and provide growth forecasts, productivity study, emerging trends, expected savings, industry arrangement and narrow frameworks.

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