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What is the full form of ONGC:

ONGC represents Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

It is one of the biggest manufacturers of oil and Natural Gas in India, headquartered in Tel Bhavan, Dehradun. It is occupied in examination and manufacture performance.

It was found on 14 August 1956 by the Indian state, and in February 1994 it becomes municipal. Its stock is trade in National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The corporation has been scheduled in Fortune 500 Companies. It is India's largest oil and gas examination and produce company. It produces about 69% of India's basic oil (equal to just about 30% of the country's total demand) and around 62% of its natural gas.

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It was found on 14 August 1956 by Government of India, which at present hold a 68.94% fairness bet. It is concerned in explore for and exploit hydrocarbons in 26 sedimentary basin of India, and own and operate in excess of 11,000 kilometres of pipelines in the country. Its worldwide supplementary Oil and ONGC Videsh at present has project in 17 country. It has revealed 6 of the 7 commercially produce Indian basin, in the last 50 years, addition over 7.1 billion tonnes of In-place Oil & Gas volume of hydrocarbons in Indian basins. beside a universal decline of manufacture from established field, it has maintain production from its brown field like Mumbai High, with the help of violent savings in various IOR (Improved Oil Recovery) and EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) system. It has a lot of established field by means of a present revitalization subject of 25-33%. Its coldness alternative Ratio for flanked by 2005 and 2013, has been more than one throughout FY 2012-13.

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