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What is the full form of RTO:

RTO represents Regional Transport Office.

Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a government association in every state of India, which issues Drivers license and vehicle register cards. All the states in India have Some state supply digitized cards, like in Madhya Pradesh, Drivers Licenses and vehicles register are provide in shape of a certificate with the size of a PAN card. Some sates like Tamil Nadu has enabled e-services for citizens to known information such as contact details, status of the request and tax rates of vehicles.

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It is an Indian government department which is accountable for the register of vehicle and the issue of Drivers Licences in India. Beside with this, the RTO is also answerable to assemble the one-time road tax through register, check for vehicles assurance and obvious the pollution test. RTO in India have a disrepute of being dishonest and bribe has attractive a everyday occurrence. In 2000, a review conduct by the Public Affairs middle to study the public management of Bangalore report that 57 percent people had claim to pay bribe averaging up to 637 per case A dissimilar inspection conduct by students of Colgate University, Hamilton, New York in 2011 that gauge 20 police station and 6 RTOs in Bangalore report the Jayanagar RTO to be the most corrupt and gave in general low ratings to these RTO is an Indian government department which is liable for the listing of vehicle and the issue of Drivers Licences in India.

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