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What is the full form of WIPRO:

WIPRO represents Western India Products.

is an Indian international IT consults and System adding Services Company headquartered in Bangalore, India .As of March 2015, the commerce has 158,217 employees service over 900 of the Fortune 1000 business with a incidence in 67 country. On 31 March 2015, its marketplace capitalization was roughly $ 35 Billion, making it one of India's largest openly traded companies and seventh largest IT Services definite in the globe.

To central point on core IT Business, it demerged its non-IT businesses into a separate company Wipro Limited (Western India Products Limited) enterprise Limited with outcome from 31 March 2013. The demerged company are customer care, lighting, healthcare and communications manufacturing which contribute about 10% of the revenues of Wipro Limited in preceding financial year.

In Later Part of 2014, Wipro Limited (Western India Products Limited) biggest deal in its five decade of history and almost certainly one of the principal deals in the history of the in order Technology services commerce was the 10 year $ 1.2 billion contract with , a Canadian power & Utilities company base out of Calgary, Alberta. The Deal was spearheading by Rishad Premji along with Canadian Team.

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Wipro Limited is a worldwide company contributor of ample IT solution and services, counting Systems combination, Consulting, Information Systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services, and R&D services .It is as well a importance further reseller of desktops, servers, notebook, storage products, network solution and package software for worldwide diversity.

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