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In early days creating installation media for our operating system was very simple. We just needed to download an ISO and burn it to a CD or DVD. But now, when USB drives are used popularly, the process is a bit different for each operating system. We now need to copy files from an ISO disc and directly place in into our USB drive. The most important thing to be done is to make the USB drive partition a bootable one. This process wipes out the USB drive or the SD card.

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As we all know the USB 2.0 is used mostly, as it supports everything, but it is extremely slow. Hence we need to go for a better option which is USB 3.0. The advantage of using USB 3.0 is, its price is very less and it provides a very high speed. We all know that speed matters a lot when we need to make a boot drive. USB 3.0 is fully compatible with the old USB 2.0 system.

First and for most we need to download the Windows USB/DVD download tool to create a bootable drive. We will also need a Windows installer ISO file which will help in running this tool. We can download this file if we don't have it on our computer.

Next we just need to provide the ISO file and a USB flash drive, and this tool creates a bootable drive.

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