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What is the full form of AMC:

AMC represents Annual Maintenance Contract.

As the name suggests, it is a contract made between the service provider or the company of any specific product and the customer to maintain the product for a year, for which the company or service centre will charge an amount to the customer. The company will take care of the product to be in working order, fix the problems which occur in the product etc.

This contract is made after the warranty period of the product is finished. Also the service centre keeps on making regular check-ups and routine work so that the performance and the quality of the product can be maintained in the year.

There are different types of Annual Maintenance Contracts. They depend on the type of product a customer is having. The types of contracts are: Labor annual Maintenance Contract, labor and comprehensive annual Maintenance Contract, labor charge and the spare parts to a particular amount, annual Maintenance Contract with rubber and plastic parts.

There are many advantages of AMC, they are: quality of the spare parts is reliable, avoids the cost which needs to be paid for unexpected repairs, the services provided are available 24 x 7 from qualified technicians and the service centre plan the services which will be required for the product, hence the durability gets increased.

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