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What is the full form of CMA:

CMA represents Credit Monitoring Analysis.

CMA stands for Credit Monitoring Analysis, it an analysis done by the credit analysts to know the creditability of the company or the performance of the company. CMA tells the credit worthiness of the company or organization. In other words it gives the information about the ability of the company to handle the financial obligations. For example, banks check the CMA of the organization before approving the loan. If any company has applied for a loan to a bank, the bank will first check its CMA and will then decide whether the company will be able to repay the loan or not. If the creditability of the company is not good, it is not a smart decision to approve the loan, as the company might not be able to repay it back. The Credit analysis is done based on many analysis techniques in which the ratio analysis and trend analysis is done with the details of cash flow. Analysis of collaterals and sources of repayments is also taking care. Also the credit history is verified with the ability of managing the problems. Keeping in mind all the above mentioned aspects, a Credit Monitoring Analysis is done.

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