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What is the full form of EOD:

EOD represents End of Day.

This term is also used for End of Business or closing of business or closing of play. End of Day describes the end of a trading day in financial markets. It is the point at which the trading is closed for a day.

End of Day in some markets is defined as the time prior to the actual end of day time. These few minutes before the end of day help is performing many actions which are required before closing the market. Different countries have different end of day timings.

In Unites States of America, the end of day is done at 11.59 pm where as in United Kingdom it is 5.30 pm. In banks end of day has a different time. End of day in the military of United States is the time when all the administrative works are stopped. This is the time when all the trainings are also stopped.

There is also a term commonly used, which is called as SOD. SOD stands for start of day. The terms SOD and EOD are used in different references in many places. For example: By today EOD the mail should be sent to the officer. The SOD for tomorrow is 9.30 am.

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