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What is the full form of TA & DA:

TA & DA represents Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance.

TA is an abbreviation for Travel Allowance. It is the expenses which an employee does for business travel. The expenses include the cost of travel tickets, hotels for business stay, meal expenses, sundry items like laundry and other ad hoc expenses.

When an employee is asked to travel to some locations which are not his home town, the company or organization will reimburse the amount which the employee spends on his trip. The company pays a per day allowance which is an estimated amount of the expenditure an employee may do in a day. This allowance gives a budget which the employee can recover from the organization. If the employee wants to choose to stay in a hotel which is more expensive than the amount given by the organization, he can choose a hotel of his choice and pay the additional cost by himself.

DA is an abbreviation for Dearness Allowance. It is an allowance given by the government of India to the public sector employees and government employees also to the pensioners of India. It is a cost of living adjustment allowance which is given to the government employees. There is a particular percentage of the basic salary which is given as the DA. The basic salary is complimented with the housing allowance and dearness allowance. In many firms housing allowance is given or the dearness allowance is given, in some firms both the allowances are given. The dearness allowance varies depending on the city in which the employee is living. For example, in metros or urban area the dearness allowance is given more than the one which is given in the rural area.

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