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What is the full form of COB:

COB represents Close of Business.

As the name suggests COB is the closing time of the business. It is also terms as EOD or End of Day.There are two meanings for Close of Business.

In the Stock Exchange, close of business means the time at which the trading is closed for the day. Sometimes it is also the time few minutes prior to the closing time. The close of business in stock exchange means now the trading will not be done for that particular day. All the trading which needs to be done will have to wait for the next day.

Close of business is also used in organizations for describing the normal working hours. COB defines the time of the day at which the organization will get closed. This is the time when the employees stop working for that particular for the organization. If the work given to the employee needs to be finished by COB, then the employee needs to finish the work before the closing time of the organization.

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