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What is the full form of CA:

CA represents Chartered Accountant.

CA is an abbreviation for Chartered Accountant. In 1854, the very first professional accounting body was established in Britain. Chartered Accountant is a professional designation which is recognized all over the world.

Chartered Accountants are required in all the fields. In finance, business, auditing, general management, financial management, taxation etc. There are many Chartered Accountants who are employed by the government and work for different government bodies. Whereas there are many who work in private firms and some work in public practices. Chartered Accountants provide a very good support by advising the firms on different financial aspects, they also provide technical help if required. They help in raising the career and business.

The Institutes which educate Chartered Accountants ask their members to continue a minimum level of profession which helps them to stay in the competitive world and learn the new things which keep on coming in the market.

In India, for becoming a Chartered Accountant a person needs to undergo a CA course which is combined study of theory and practical. This is the toughest courses in India. Only 3 to 8 % students are able to clear this exam every year.

The ICAI (Indian Chartered Accountancy Course) has only 874694 students in the institute. The Chartered Accountancy exam is divided into three levels. First one is called as Common Proficiency Test also known as CPT. If a candidate clears this level, he or she goes to another level which is called as Integrated Professional Competence Course (shortly called as IPCC). Then the last level is called the Final Examination. The candidate is eligible for this Final Exam only if he or she clears the second level exam, that is, Integrated Professional Competence Course.

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