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What is the full form of KPO:

KPO represents Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

KPO or the Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a kind of outsourcing of business activities which are related to core information. KPO is an important part of a company which needs good analytical and technical skills. The KPO is an expertise in business activities. KPO needs to have a knowledge and expertise with the potential of reducing the cost and managing the skilled labor with limited amount. There are many countries which have are doing good business in the field of KPO. Countries like India, Eastern Europe, Sri Lanka, Romania, Poland etc.

To become a successful KPO, a lot of knowledge is required in the field of inter organizational system. There are many benefits of KPO. They include: Reduction in cost, graduates are present who can work on KPO at a very low cost, it provides flexible time management, and also it reduces the problem of skilled employees.

There are many risks which are also present in KPO. They are: retention of talent, there is no assurance about the knowledge of the employee; also the character of the employee is not verified before recruiting, there is no security of the information which is confidential to the company, there is a chance of information loss, also KPO is a slow and lengthy process, which takes a long time to resolve the problem. It the issue needs to be fixed immediately, KPO cannot be opted for. Also there are many complications due to the miss-communication between the partners.

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