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What is the full form of SKU:

SKU represents Stock Keeping Unit.

It is a unique alphanumeric character to identify a particular product which can be tracked for inventory purpose. The items which can be purchased from any store are marked with a SKU. It does not have any particular format in which it should be generated for specific products. Every manufacturer can have their specific way to generate the SKU.

SKU can include multiple information about the product like the name of the manufacturer, material, color, size, warranty period etc. All these specifications distinguish the product from others. When a company buys the product from any vendor, the SKU is mentioned with the product. But the company can change the vendors SKU and maintain its own.

The SKU is mostly not visible to the customers. It is useful for inventory purposes and thus not displayed for the customers. There are many entity tracking schemes, some of them are International Article Number (EAN), Australian Product Number (APN), Universal Product Code (UPC) and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

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