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What is the full form of SEBI:

SEBI represents Securities and Exchange Board of India.

It is a department made for the securities market which was established by the government of India in the year 1988. There are multiple responsibilities and functions of this board. It has to take care of the interests of the investors in the securities, also take care of the development of security market and to regulate the market. It is the responsibility of SEBI to take care of the investors (in security market), the issuers of securities and the market itself.

SEBI has to play a role of legislative, executive and judicial, all three at one point of time. It has to take decisions for legislative capacity, it also needs to conduct investigations, and also it has to pass rules and orders in the judicial capacity.

SEBI has the power to approve the laws of stock exchange; it also has the power to make changes in the laws related to stock exchange. It has the authority to inspect the accounts book of any financial intermediaries. It has the power to register any particular broker; also it can force any company to list their shares in stock exchange.

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