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What is the full form of SLA:

SLA represents Service Level Agreement.

As the name suggests, it is an agreement between two parties or sometime even more. The two parties include a customer who will gain the services, which will be provided by the other party. SLA is a contract which defines the kind of service which will be provided.

A normal Service Letter Agreement has multiple segments. There is a segment for the type of service, definition of the services, performance of the service, duties which need to be fulfilled for the customer, guarantees, warranties, recovery from disaster, problem management, termination of the agreement etc.

It is a very important agreement made between the service provider and the customer. While preparing the SLA every point is taken into consideration and very small tips are also noted down carefully. Also it is important to note that the SLAs are constantly met. These agreements are prepared in such a way that particular time duration is mentioned for finishing a particular task. Also the standards to be maintained are specified.

There is also a term involved in SLAs, which is known as contract enforcement. This means that if the work is done with all the mentioned specifications at the time mentioned, then awards will be given, else penalties need to be paid. Contract enforcements needs to strictly enforces, but there is always a margin mentioned in the SLAs to leave a room for re-visitation.

There are different types of SLAs. They are classified on the basis of levels at which they are defined. There are customer based SLA, service based SLA and multi-level SLA.

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