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What is the full form of UPS:

UPS represents Uninterruptible Power Supply.

It is an electrical device used for battery backup. In case of power cutoff, it gives electrical power. This is useful in case of computer devices. If the main power supply fails, the computer will shut down abruptly. And the data will be lost. UPS helps in avoiding such conditions. It senses the stoppage of main power supply, and provides a power to the computer for a small time. In this much time, the user can save the important data and shut down the computer properly.

A UPS is different from a normal emergency power system or a generator. It supplies energy stored in the batteries, which provide instantaneous protection from the input power interruption. The UPS provides this power for few minutes. This time period is sufficient for the user to save the data and shut down the system properly. When the power cut is unexpected, the loss of data is major. UPS helps in such conditions. It helps in protecting hardware like computers, communication devices, data centers and other electrical devices. If UPS is not used, major business disruption, and data loss is done. There is a wide range provided in UPS. There are UPS which can run a single computer and then there are UPS which can provide power to entire data centers and office buildings. The largest UPS in the world is present in Alaska. It has the battery backup of 46 megawatt battery electric storage system.

UPS are helpful where the problems like fluctuating main frequency, harmonic distortion, and high frequency injected in the line by some other equipment, over input voltage or low input voltage are present. It helps in stabilizing the input supply. UPS can be categorized based on the method they adapt to resolve the above mentioned problems. Also they can be categorized based on the number of power related problems they can handle. There are three categories of UPS, they are on line UPS, line inter active UPS and standby UPS.

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