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What is the full form of CCTV:

CCTV represents Closed Circuit Television.

As the name suggests, it is used for video surveillance. CCTV uses a set of cameras and monitors. They are used to monitor a limited area, where human surveillance is difficult. CCTV uses video cameras to send a signal to a particular place. There is always a limitation on the number of monitors. CCTVs are useful in many places like banks, schools, shops, casinos, multiplexes, airports, government buildings, railway stations, corporate houses, building, ground security, traffic monitoring, home safety etc. CCTVs are very useful in Industries where the environment is not suitable for humans. The CCTV cameras help in observing the process from a control room where CCTV monitor is placed. These CCTVs can be operated around the clock, or they can be operated for a particular period of time.

Modern CCTVs have video recording facility. This helps in storing the record for many years. They also have the facility of sending mails to alert the users.

In olden days, a continuous monitoring was required of these surveillance systems. Also there was no recording facility available. Gradually magnetic tapes were developed which used to store the records. But these magnetic tapes had their own disadvantages. They need to be changed manually, which was expensive and unreliable. Slowly digital multiplexing was introduced. Which helped in the usage of CCTVs. Recently, CCTVs have a new technology. They are now internet based systems and are very helpful in day to day life.

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Q. What is the full form of CCTV?

A. Full form of CCTV in English is Closed Circuit Television.

Q. What does a CCTV represents?

A. A CCTV represents an easy way of monitoring a particular area, without taking help from humans. There is a set of cameras and monitors, which monitor a particular area and keep a record of what has happened in that particular area.

Q. What are the uses of CCTV?

A. CCTVs are useful in many places. They can be used in crime prevention, industrial process, traffic monitoring, transport safety, control of retail, in schools, home security etc. They can also be used by criminals to keep an observation on the public.

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