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What is the full form of PDF:

PDF represents Portable Document Format.

It is a file format, which represents documents in application software, hardware and operating system. This file format is independent of the system used. Every PDF file has a complete description of the layout of the document, indexing, texting, font size, graphics and other details required to display the data.

In the olden days, PDF files were not used commonly as creating and reading PDF files was not free of cost. Also the files were not supported by external hyperlinks, due to which they were not used on Internet. Today PDF files are used in many places. The documents written for magazines, brochures, flyers, documents are in PDF files.

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Q. What is the full form of PDF?

A. Full form of PDF in English is Portable Document Format.

Q. What does PDF represents?

A. PDF is a file format which is used to represent documents in software or hardware systems. It specifies the details in which the document can be written and saved. These files can be sent through mail or any other way from one place to another.

Q. What are the uses of PDF?

A. PDF files are used in magazines, brochures, flyers, documents etc.

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