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What is the full form of GIF:

GIF represents Graphic Interchange Format.

It was developed in 1987 and is a bitmap image format. It is widely used on the world wide web, as it is very portable and very supportive. It has a file extension of *.gif. It helps in formatting a graphic image with bitmapping technique. Graphic Interchange Format uses 8 bits per pixel for every image and thus it allows an image to have a limit of 256 colors which are chosen from 24 bit color space. GIF is very useful in animation and gives the facility of having 256 separate colors in each frame. It is very useful in graphics and logos with solid areas of colors. The image is not produced properly for color photos and images with continuous colors. GIF images use lossless data compression method which helps in reducing the file size without degrading the quality of the visual.

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Q. What is the full form of GIF?

A. Full form of GIF in English is Graphic Interchange Format.

Q. What does GIF represents?

A. GIF represents a file format for graphic images. It is a bitmap image format which is commonly used in world wide web. It is very portable and uses only 8 bits per pixel.

Q. What are the uses of GIF?

A. GIF is a most commonly used in world wide web. It is also very useful in animation, graphics and logo designing.

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