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What is the full form of GPRS:

GPRS represents General Pocket Radio Services.

is used on 2G and 3G communication systems and it uses a pocket oriented mobile data service. It uses TDMA channels to provide a good speed for transferring the data. It provides a speed limit of 115 kbps. GPRS supports multiple protocols. Some of them are: Internet protocol, point to point protocol and X25 protocol.

The devices which support GPRS can be divided into three different classes. Class A is the one in which both GPRS services and GSM services are provided at the same time. These kinds of devices are available in the market now-a-days. When the devices are connected to both the GPRS service and the GSM service but use only one at a time, they are classified as Class B supporting devices. Most of the mobile phones use this category. Then there is another class, Class C. These devices use any one service. That is, they either use GPRS service or GSM service. They need to be switched manually from one service to another.

GPRS is used in many places like multi-media services, mobile internet, data communication through e-mails, and internet browsing. It is very useful technique for short message servicing, internet access, broadcasting, MMS, point to point services, point to multipoint services GPRS is much faster than GSM. It provides a speed of 30 short messages per minute.GSM provide a speed of 10 messages per minute.

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Q. What is the full form of GPRS?

A. Full form of GPRS in English is General Packet Radio Service.

Q. What does a GPRS represents?

A. GPRS is a 2G and 3G mobile communication system which provides a data speed of 56 to 114 kbps.

Q. What are the uses of GPRS?

A. GPRS is used in mobile communication, multi-media services, and data communication through internet.

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