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What is the full form of KBPS:

KBPS represents Kilo Bits Per Second.

Kbps is a common term used to mention the speed with which the data can be transferred. It is a unit to mention the number of bits, characters, symbols or blocks which can be transferred between two equipments per unit time. Kbps is a terminology used in telecommunication. Mostly the Internet speed is judged by knowing the data rate which it provides in Kbps. Kbps stands for Kilo bits per second, whereas KBps stands for kilo bytes per second. The symbol for bit is (b) and byte is (B). One byte (B) consists of 8 bits and is equivalent to the unit of octet. If an internet connection providing company offers the speed of 2 Kbps, it means that the maximum bandwidth which can be achieved by the users will be 2 kilo bits per second or one million bits per second. There are many other units like Kbps which are used to define the speed of data transfer. They are Mbps, Gbps etc.

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Q. What is the full form of KBPS?

A. Full form of KBPS in English is Kilo bits per second.

Q. What does MBPS represents?

A. KBPS is a unit defined for knowing the data transfer rate in telecommunication. It defines the number of characters, symbols, blocks or bits which can be transferred between equipments per unit of time. It is noticeable that (b) in Kbps stands for bits and (B) in KBps stands for bytes.

Q. What are the uses of KBPS?

A. KBPS is used to understand the speed of data transfer. If the internet speed provided by a service provider is 1 Kbps, it means that maximum bandwidth which a user can receive is 1 kilo bits per second.

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