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What is the full form of GSM:

GSM represents Global System for Mobile Communication.

It is a standard way for digit mobile communication. It is used all over the world. For communicating between the devices, GSM first digitizes and compress the data, and then sends it to other devices through a channel. GSM operates on 900 MHz or 1800 MHz frequency band.

GSM was launched in Finland in the year 1991. Today, more than 2 billion GSM mobile phones are used all over the world. GSM represents a cellular network. All the mobiles communicate through this technology. All the cell phones connect to GSM by searching the cells presents in the nearby area.There are five different types of cells present in a GSM network, which are differentiated on the basis of their size. They are named as macro, micro, pico, femto and umbrella cells. All the cells have different coverage area, and are used differently as per the requirement of a particular area. The horizontal radius of a cell depends on the antenna height, gain and propagation conditions. The range of a cell can go from few hundred kilometers to several tens of kilometers. One of the key features on GSM is Subscriber Identity Module i.e. SIM. GSM has played a major part in the evolution of wireless mobile communication. GSM also provides the facility of using the same SIM Card while travelling to other countries. This helps in reducing the roaming costs and using the same services which were used in the home country.

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Q. What is the full form of GSM?

A. Full form of GPS in English is Global System for Mobile Communication.

Q. What are the uses of GSM?

A. GSM can be used to set up a communication between digital mobile devices and the network. It is a standard developed to describe the protocol for digital cellular networks.

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