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What is the full form of LASER:

LASER represents Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmission of Radiation.

It was first built in the year 1960. It generates a beam which is much focused and can be pointed at very small spots. It achieves a very high IR radiance. It has a low divergence and can concentrate their power at a very long distance.

Laser emits light through optical amplification which is based on stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. It can be differentiated from other sources of light by their coherence. It has a typical output of a narrow beam.

There are many types of Laser, depending on their wave length in the vacuum. Single wave length lasers can produce radiations in many modes. They have very slight difference in the frequencies. Then there are different lasers which emit different wave lengths simultaneously. This means that they emit broad spectrum of light. Also there are lasers which are not in a single spatial mode and emit light which diverge more that it is required by the diffraction limit. But all these Lasers use the basic concept of Stimulate emission.

Laser is user where normal light emitting techniques do not solve the purpose. A Laser has a energy source, gain medium and an optical feedback provider. Gain medium amplifies the light by stimulated emission. To amplify the light of a particular wave length, it is passed through the gain medium. In this way, the power of the light is increased. The gain medium needs an energy supply in the form of electric current. Lasers can emit light with a single color. It can have a very narrow spectrum. Lasers are used to generate pulses of lights as short as femtosecond. Lasers are used in barcode scanners, optical communication, surgeries, skin treatments, printers, optical disk drivers, fiber optics, cutting, welding, law enforcement devices, and lighting displays.

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Q. What is the full form of Laser?

A. Full form of Laser in English is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Laser represents a way of emitting light at a particular wavelength.

Q. What are the uses of Laser?

A. Laser is used for scanning barcodes, skin treatment, printing, optical drivers, welding, cutting etc.

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