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What is the full form of MP3:

MP3 represents MPEG Audio Layer III.

MP3 was designed by Moving Picture Experts Group also known as MPEG. It has launched MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 before launching MP3. It is a coding method for digital audio signals. The coding form used in this technique is lossy data compression. It means that the data once coded by this technique cannot be regained. Today, all the digital audio players used this technique of encoding.

The lossy data compression technique of encoding is used to reduce the amount of data which is required in recording the audio signal. An MP3 file encodes the audio signal with a size which is almost 1/11th of the size of the CD file which will be created from the original audio file. As we encode the audio signal with higher or lower bit rates, the quality of the resulting signal gets higher or lower. The signal is compressed by reducing the accuracy of the sound at particular parts. This technique is called perceptual coding.

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Q. What is the full form of MP3?

A. Full form of MP3 in English is MPEG Audio Level 3. MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group.

Q. What does MP3 represents?

A. MP3 represents a coding technique used for audio signals. It uses a lossy data compression technique to encode the audio signal. It means that the signal once encoded cannot be decoded.

Q. What are the uses of MP3?

A. MP3 is a most commonly used technique for encoding the audio signals. Today all the digital ausdio players use MP3 codes.

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