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What is the full form of KB:

KB represents Kilo Byte.

It is a unit used in digital information. It is a multiple of byte. Kilo means 1000, which means 1000 bytes. But in digital world, the term kilo byte means 1024 (210) bytes. This definition is limited to the field of computer science and information technology. The symbol of Kilobyte is kB. This unit is used in computer networks for data transfer rates, internal bus of computer hardware, hard disks storage space, flash media transfer speed limits, and the capacities of storage devices like hard disks. It is also used in CPU clock speeds and performance measures.

The symbol for bit is b and byte is B. One byte B consists of 8 bits and is equivalent to the unit of octet. If an internet connection providing company offers the speed of 2 Kbps, and a data limit of 10 KB, it means that the maximum bandwidth which can be achieved by the users will be 2 kilo bits per second. And the data which can be used should not exceed 10 Kilo Bytes. There are many other units like MB and GB which are used to define the limit of data. MB stands for Mega Bytes and GB stands for Giga Bytes.

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Q. What is the full form of KB?

A. Full form of KB in English is Kilo Bytes.

Q. What does KB represents?

A. KB is a unit defined for knowing the disk space or the limit of data which can be used. It is a unit used in digital information. It is a multiple of byte. It is equal to 1000 bytes or 1024 bytes in computer terminology.

Q. What are the uses of KB?

A. KB is used to define a unit of digital information. It is used in science, engineering, business, computing, hard ware devices, tape capacities, and data transmission speed.

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