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What is the full form of ISDN:

ISDN represents Integrated Service Digital Network.

It is a standard way of communication which allows the transmission of data, voice and video. ISDN uses one single line to transmit all the data. It uses a circuit switched telephone networking system. ISDN allows transmission of voice and data in digital form over a normal telephone line. This helps in getting a better quality of voice. It provides packet switched connection for data and circuit switched connection for voice.

ISDN provides two types of channels. They are: B channel and D channel. B channel is also known as bearer channel which provides a speed of 64 kbps. Whereas D channel, which is also known as Data channel provides the speed of 16 kbps. ISDN has two interfaces, defined on these two channels. They are: Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface.

BRI or Basic Rate Interface gives a data speed of 128 kbps on normal telephone wires which are made up of copper. This speed is obtained by using two B channel wires and one D channel.

PRI or Primary Rate Interface gives a data speed of 1544 kbps. It uses 23 B channels and only one D channel.

PRI-ISDN is very common in United States of America. BRI-ISDN is commonly used in Australia and Europe. They use 30 B channels and one D channel to provide a data speed of 2048 kbps.

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Q. What is the full form of ISDN?

A. Full form of ISDN in English is Integrated Services Digital Network.

Q. What does a ISDN represents?

A. ISDN is a circuit switched telephone network which provides digital transmission of voice, data and video on a normal telephone wire which is made up of copper.

Q. What are the uses of ISDN?

A. ISDN is used in Video conferencing. It provides simultaneous transmission of voice, data and video from one desktop to conferencing computer and the other systems present in a room.

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