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What is the full form of TFT:

TFT represents Thin Film Transistor.

TFT liquid crystal display is also called flat panel display screen. It is a liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses thin film transistor technology to improve the quality of the image. It improves the addressability of the image. This technology uses separate transistors for each pixel present on the display screen. As the transistors are very small in size they use very small amount of charge. The TFT LCD screens get refreshed very fast and keep on refreshing multiple times in a second. Before Thin Film Transistor monitors were launched, normal matrix LCD displays were used which could not display the fast moving images. For many of the computer games, this LCD display screen was not a good option. For example, when a mouse was moved from position one to position two, on normal LCD screen, the mouse used to disappear. In TFT monitors the mouse can be tracked easily. This technique is very helpful in computer gaming, videos, television sets, hand help video games, calculators, mobile phones, digital assistants, navigation systems, projectors and other multimedia. TFT LCDs can also be used in cars to customize the clusters.

The circuit used in TFT LCD is similar to the other semiconductor products. It is made from a thin film of amorphous silicon that is deposited on a glass panel. The transistors use a very small place on the screen, as they are very small in size. As the silicon film is etched, it allows the light to easily pass through it. Polycrystalline silicon provides a very high TFT performance. It can be used in high resolution displays like projectors.

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Q. What is the full form of TFT?

A. Full form of TFT in English is Thin Film Transistor.

Q. What does a TFT represents?

A. TFT is a kind of LCD screen. It provides a better resolution and is also called flat panel display.

Q. What are the uses of TFT?

A. TFT is used in all the computers. It is used in video cards, computer monitors, and high definition TV sets, calculators etc.

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