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What is the full form of ISP:

ISP represents Internet Service Provider.

It is an organization which provides access to internet. Internet providers can be a commercial organization, privately owned provider, community owned or non-profit provider. Internet Services provide an internet access, domain name registration; web hosting, internet transit, uselent service and collocation. Internet Service providers connect the users of a particular range to their network. The range to which the internet access can be provided depends on the technology used. Computer modems with couplers are connected to telephone lines or telephone cables. This is one way of providing internet access. There is another way of providing internet access which is called wireless Ethernet or Wi-Fi and fiber optics.

If internet access is required in homes or small businesses, normal copper wire is used for dial up. Other devices which are required are asymmetric digital subscriber line, cable modem , integrated services digital network. If internet access is required for medium to large businesses the devices used are high speed digital subscriber line, Ethernet, metropolitan Ethernet, frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode, and synchronous optical networking. There is one more way of providing internet access; it is called satellite internet access. This method is used when internet access needs to provided in a very large area.

There are internet exchange points which are used for interconnecting multiple internet service providers. There internet exchange points allow routing of data from one network to another without charging each other. The data is transmitted without any additional charge. It is very important to maintain the quality of software and hardware used to build the network. Better quality ensures the efficient route is chosen for transferring the data. Also it maintains the reliability of the work.

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Q. What is the full form of ISP?

A. Full form of ISP in English is Internet Service Provider.

Q. What does a ISP represents?

A. ISP is an organization which provides internet to homes, small, medium and large business places.

Q. What are the uses of ISP?

A. ISP is used at places where internet access is required. Whether the requirement is of cable network or Wi-Fi, ISP is only used.

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