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What is the full form of SMS:

SMS represents Short Message Service.

It is a service provided to send and receive test messages on phones or any mobile communication system. It uses either a fixed line or a mobile phone to exchange short message services. The first SMS was sent on 3rd December 1992 over the Vodafone network. In a very short span, SMS has become the most usable data application. Over USD 100 billion was earned by global messaging business till September 2014.SMS facility is used to send text from one mobile to another. It is used for sending some text from one person to another; also it is used to send text from one person to many people at a same time. This facility of broadcasting text is used for advertizing purposes, public information etc.

There are different ways of sending a SMS. Message can be sent through store and forward method. In this method, the sender sends the message to the recipient, but if the recipient is in a not reachable state, the SMS center will queue this message, and will try later to resend it. Whereas, there is another method of forward and forget. In this method, the SMS center will try only once to send the message. If the message is not delivered to the recipient, it will not try again. Message delivery is a best effort way of sending the text. This means that there is no guarantee that the message will be delivered to the recipient. Usually there are very less chances of not delivering the text. There is another facility provided by the network operators. This facility is called delivery reports. These delivery reports let the sender know the status of their SMS. There are different statuses of a SMS such as, sending, sent, delivered.

SMS is a stateless way of communication. This means that every message is independent of other messages. If a large text needs to be sent, then multiple messages need to be sent, and each message will be independent of others. There is a limit of 160 characters which can be sent in a single text message. Every message has a User Data Header (UDH) which contains segmentation information.

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Q. What is the full form of SMS?

A. Full form of SMS in English is Short Message Service.

Q. What does a SMS represents?

A. A SMS represents a way of sending text messages in mobile phones. It has a limit of 160 characters, which means only 160 characters can be sent in a single SMS. If more than 160 characters needs to be sent, then a new message needs to be sent.

Q. What are the uses of SMS?

A. SMS is used in sending text messages from one person to another; also they can be used for sending particular information to multiple users. For example, advertising companies send their messages to multiple users.

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