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What is the full form of FAX:

FAX represents Facsimile.

It is also known as telefax. It is a way of transmitting some printed material from one place to another. This transmission is done through telephone line. The data can be either text or image. The basic requirement for sending a document through FAX needs a telephone line, a scanner with a fax machine and a printer. The document which needs to be sent needs to be scanned through the fax machine. The fax machine then processes the data, which may include text and images into a single graphic image. This image is then converted into a bitmap. This bitmap is transmitted through the telephone line in the form of audio frequency tone. At the receiving end, there is another fax machine placed. This machine decodes the tone and reconstructs the image. This image is then printed on a paper.

In the olden days, only analog line was used for FAX machines, but now-a-days it has been replaced by Digital Lines. The digital machines compress the all whites and all blacks and send the text at a much faster speed. The basic requirement for using a FAX machine knows the FAX number of the party to which the document needs to be FAXed.

As a new application is launched, naming Internet, FAX is used less. Facilities like emails, online text messages have taken the place of FAX. There are few drawbacks of FAX. They are: The speed with which FAX machine sends the data is slower than the speed of Internet. FAX machines needs to be operated manually. They are quite costlier as compared to Internet. FAX machine is a hardware device, which needs to be present at both the ends (sending and receiving). If FAX machine is not available, document cannot be sent.

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Q. What is the full form of FAX?

A. Full form of FAX in English is Facsimile.

Q. What does a FAX represents?

A. A FAX represents a way of transmitting documents from one place to another with the help of FAX machine, which has a scanner, a telephone line, and a printer. A person should know the FAX number of the receiving end.

Q. What are the uses of FAX?

A. FAX is useful in many places. It can be used to send documents from one place to another. If a document needs to be sent urgently, FAX is very useful.

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