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What is the full form of IMEI:

IMEI represents International Mobile Equipment Identity.

It is a unique number provided for all the mobiles phones and satellite phones. This number differentiates each and every mobile phone. This number is printed inside the battery compartment of the mobile device. It can also be displayed on the screen by dialing (#06#) from the dial pad. In many of the smart phones, International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number is provided in the system information section of phone settings.

IMEI number is very important in identifying the valid devices. If the information of a stolen mobile is provided to the network provider, they can black list the particular phone using the IMEI number. This facility helps in stopping a stolen mobile phone to access a particular network. IMEI number is used only to know the device used by a particular user. It does not have any relation with the subscriber. A user is identified by the IMSI number which is stored in the SIM card. However, many features are activated only after knowing the device used by the subscriber.

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Q. What is the full form of IMEI?

A. Full form of IMEI in English is International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.

Q. What does a IMEI represents?

A. International Mobile Station Equipment Identity represents a unique number provided for each mobile handset. This number is stored in the settings provided for mobile information. It is also printed on the battery of the handset.

Q. What are the uses of IMEI?

A. IMEI is used in differentiating each handset from others. This number is transmitted from the SIM card to the network provider. This helps in providing many facilities which depend on the mobile set which the user has.

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