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What is the full form of VGA:

VGA represents Video Graphics Array.

It is a hardware device used for display in computers. It was introduced by IBM in the year 1987. It has become a standard for amplitude modulated computer display screens. It has 15 pins which have a 640x480 resolution.

Video Graphic Arrays are used in high definition videos which include resolution of 1080 pixel and even more. The bandwidth of Video Graphic Array transmission is of higher resolution, but then the quality of the picture gets degraded. The degradation also depends on the quality of the cable and its length. The quality of the picture also gets degraded while we switch the inputs to and from digitals like HDMI and DVI.

Video Graphic Array is not an adaptor. It is an array because it is implemented as a single chip. It is an application specific IC. Video Graphic Array is directly placed on the mother board of a computer without any problems. It requires only a video memory, timing crystals and external RAMDAC. It requires only a DE-15 connector which fits on the mounting tab of the expansion card.

There is another method of connecting a Video Graphic Array. This method is called a BNC connector and has a very high signal quality. It has five connectors. BNC connectors are very large when compared with DE-15 connector.

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Q. What is the full form of VGA?

A. Full form of VGA in English is Video Graphics Array.

Q. What does a VGA represents?

A. VGA is a display hardware used in personal computers. It is a 15 pin connector which has a resolution of 640x480.

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