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What is the full form of CRT:

CRT represents Cathode Ray Tube. It is a special vacuum tube which produces images, when electron beam strikes a phosphor coated screen. Mostly CRTs are used for computer screen displays. CRTs also used in picture tubes of television screens.

A cathode ray tube has many components. They are: an electron gun, which generates a beam of electrons. It mostly generates a narrow beam. There are two or more anodes present in cathode ray tube. These anodes help in accelerating the electrons generated by the electron gun. Then there are two pairs of deflecting coils. These coils produce a low frequency electromagnetic field which helps in giving direction to the electron beam. The two pairs of deflecting coils are placed horizontally and vertically. After passing all these components, a very tiny electron beam is produced with a bright visible spot when it hits the phosphor coated screen.

Complex signals are provided to the deflecting coils to generate an image on the screen. The intensity of the electron beam is controlled to provide a proper beam. Due to this a ray is generated which covers the screen from right to left and from top to bottom. This beam is a sequence of horizontal lines called a raster. A spot moves in a particular pattern on the front of the cathode ray tube. The pattern is similar to the one in which our eyes move while we read a text on a page. The scanning of the beam is so fast, that the viewer sees a constant image on the screen.

If there is only one electron gun, then it is a mono chrome CRT. It generates a single color image. For a colored image, three electron guns are required. The three guns are for three primary colors, i.e. red, green and blue. The cathode ray tube generates three images, one for each color. This is called RGB color model. Now-a-days LCDs are used, instead of CRTs. LCDs have a flat screen, which makes the screen flat and has low power consumption.

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Q. What is the full form of CRT?

A. Full form of CRT in English is Cathode Ray Tube.

Q. What does a CRT represents?

A. A CRT represents a way of generating a narrow beam of electrons with different colors. This beam is generated with the help of multiple basic components. The light generated can be of a single color or multiple colors. This depends on the number of electron guns used.

Q. What are the uses of CRT?

A. CRT is used in Televisions, computer display screens, radars, etc.

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