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What is the full form of LED:

LED represents Light Emitting Diode.

It is a Diode which emits light. Diode is a kind of a semi conductor device, which emits light when some external energy is passed through it. It is having two leads which is called as p-n junction. When suitable energy (voltage) is passed through this junction, it gets activated, and transmits energy in the form of photons. The color of the light depends on the energy band gap of the semi conductor.

LED consists of a small semi conducting chip which is doped with impurities to make a p-n junction. The p side is called as anode and n side is called as cathode. The current flows from p side to n side. It never flows in the reverse direction. When energy is passed, electrons and holes flow into the junction from electrodes. When an electron meets a hole, it goes to a lower energy level, and releases energy. This energy is released in the form of photons. The color of the light depends on the wave length with which the light is emitted. And the wave length depends on the Band gap energy of the material with which the p-n junction is made.

LEDs are very small in size, and are popularly used now-a -days. It used in remote controls, traffic signals, seven segment display, laboratories, electronic equipments, telephones, televisions, radio, calculator, watches etc. Newly developed LEDs have multiple advantages. They consume very low energy. They are very durable. They are very small in size. LEDs have very high robustness.

They can be used in environmental lighting, automobile head lamps, traffic signals, camera flashes, commercial advertising, normal lighting and LED wallpapers. In year 2015, Light Emitting Diodes are launched to lighten the room. This means that LEDs can be used in day to day life for saving electric power. It requires some heat and current related modifications. LEDs are now used in new text, video displays and sensors. Due to their high switching rates, they are also useful in communication technology.

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Q. What is the full form of LED?

A. The full form of LED in English is Light Emitting Diode.

Q. What are the uses of LED?

A. LED represents a way of transmitting light, to display something. It is used in calculators, traffic signals, televisions, remote controls, and many other places to display light. For many sensors, or to display any information, LEDs are used.

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